Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Andrew Lang was the editor of a series of storybooks, compiled at a rate of
one a year, and intended to be Christmas gifts to children. His famous colored
 fairy books in fact comprised less than half of the series. A full list of the children's
books edited by Mr. Lang is given below.

Books available from Rossignol*

1891. The Blue Poetry Book
1893. The True Story Book
1895. The Red True Story Book
1899. The Red Book of Animal Stories
1902. The Book of Romance
1906. The Red Romance Book
1908. The Book of Princes and Princesses
1909. The Red Book of Heroes*
1911. The All Sorts of Stories Book*
1912. The Book of Saints and Heroes*
1913. The Strange Story Book*

Books available from Dover

1889. The Blue Fairy Book
1890. The Red Fairy Book

1892. The Green Fairy Book
1894. The Yellow Fairy Book
1896. The Animal Story Book
1897. The Nursery Rhyme Book**
1897. The Pink Fairy Book
1898. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments

1900. The Grey Fairy Book
1901. The Violet Fairy Book

1903. The Crimson Fairy Book
1904. The Brown Fairy Book
1906. The Orange Fairy Book
1907. Tales of Troy and Greece
1907. The Olive Fairy Book
1910. The Lilac Fairy Book

* Forthcoming Works. We intend to offer these eventually, but can hazard no estimate as to the date
of their publication.

**The Nursery Rhyme Book and Tales of Troy and Greece were not officially part of the Christmas
Book series, but they are similar to them in spirit, and were frequently printed uniformly with them.

Selections from The Book of Romance are available from Dover under the title King Arthur: Tales from
the Round Table. The Rossignol edition is complete and unabridged, and includes all illustrations.

Selections from The Red Romance Book are available from Dover under the title The Tale of the Cid
and other Stories of Knights and Chivalry. The Rossignol edition is complete and unabridged, and
includes all illustrations.

Besides editing the Fairy Books, Mr. Lang was the author of five original fairy tales,
all originally published separately. Three of them: "Prince Prigio," its sequel "Prince Ricardo,"
and "The Gold of Farnilee," were later collected under the title My Own Fairy Book.
The Rossignol edition of My Own Fairy Book is in preparation, and will also include
Lang's other two original fairy tales: "The Princess Nobody" and "Tales of a Fairy Court,"
an interquel between "Prince Prigio" and "Prince Ricardo." "The Princess Nobody" is also
available from Dover.

Rossignol Books is in no way affiliated with Dover Books. This list is offered purely as a guide for
those who wish to acquire a complete set of Andrew Lang's Christmas Books without resorting
to OCR'd, photocopied, and ripped-straight-from-Project-Gutenberg-without-so-much-as-removing-
the-bracketed-page-numbers editions.