Erec and Enide Cover

Erec and Enide

By Chretien of Troyes
Translated by William Comfort

Illustrated by Gustave Dore

The oldest surviving Arthurian romance, and one of Chretien de Troyes' masterpieces. The bold Sir Erec becomes thoroughly domesticated and abandons questing after he rescues and weds the damsel-in-distress Enide, turning him into the laughingstock of Camelot, and causing Enide much distress. He awakens to his predicament, and sets out on a quest, dragging Enide along. Can he recover her love and his reputation? Find out in this classic romance, the inspiration for the Mabinogi of "Geraint and Enide," and Tennyson's Idyll of the same name.

Special features of this edition:
It is printed in William Morris' famous Kelmscott Press Troy Type.
It includes gorgeous initials designed by William Morris.
It includes nine illustrations by the master engraver Gustave Dore.

xx + 159 pages. 8" by 5"
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