Morien Cover

The Romance of Morien

Translated and with an introduction by Jessie Weston
Cover illustration by Caroline Watts

Sir Aglovale, brother of Sir Perceval of Galles, fell in love with a Moorish woman beyond the sea, and left her, promising to return. He never kept his promise, and now his son, Sir Morien, has come to England in search of his father. Can Sir Gawain help the family reunite? Can Sir Lancelot slay a ferocious beast? Will the Saxons overrun the realm of Logris? Is Agloval Morien's real father, or is it Perceval? Find out the answers to all of these in The Romance of Morien!

This romance survives only in the massive Middle Dutch "Lancelot compilation," a sprawling four-volume work which includes ten romances as it stands, and possibly used to have more in the now-lost first volume. Most of these are translations into Dutch from French, but some of them have no known source, and one of these is Morien. Chronologically, this romance is set between the end of the Prose Lancelot, and the beginning of the Quest for the Holy Grail. No one knows who wrote it, or when, or in what language it was originally. The prologue states that some versions exist in which Percival was Morien's father, but no such versions survive. For the light Morien sheds on the legend of the Holy Grail, and for its merits as a story in its own right, this romance is an excellent addition to the shelf of any lover of chivalry.

x + 111 pages. 8" by 5"
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