The Princess and the Goblin Cover

The Princess and the Goblin

By George MacDonald
Illustrated by Arthur Hughes

Princess Irene lives in a beautiful castle on the side of a mountain. She has plenty of toys, and is very happy, but she is not allowed to go outside at night, for fear of the goblins. The goblins live underneath the mountain. They don't like the people who live above ground very much, and love to play tricks on them and do all sorts of mischief. Even the miners are a little afraid of the goblins, except for Curdie and his father. Curdie and his father work in the mines under the mountain. They stay away from the goblins, and the goblins usually stay away from them. But one night, Curdie overhears the goblins hatching a sinister plot to kidnap Princess Irene. Now it's up to Irene and Curdie to foil the goblins' plan, and only one person can help them: Irene's great-great-grandmother!

Sadly, at some point somebody excised certain beautiful passages from this beloved children's classic. An example can be seen here. This abridged edition has completely supplanted the original, and is the version now printed by Puffin, Looking Glass, Dover, and all other publishers, even those claiming to be "Complete and unabridged".
We are, to our knowledge, the only publishers to offer the true original, unabridged version of this classic with its original illustrations.

This edition also includes all the original line drawings by Arthur Hughes.
241 pages. 7.38" by 5"

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