Red Animal Story Book Cover

The Red Book of Animal Stories

Edited by Andrew Lang
Illustrated by Henry Ford

Andrew Lang's famous colored Fairy Books were in fact only part, rather less than half, of a larger series of storybooks for children. Among the lesser-known books of the series are two books of true stories about animals. This book deals with more exotic beasts than "The Animal Story Book". You'll find stories about rhinoceroses, kangaroos, orangutans, panthers, buffalo, llamas, reindeer, and even dinosaurs. There are also chapters about mythical beasts such as basilisks, griffins and unicorns.

316 pages. 8.5" by 5.5"
67 illustrations

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Full contents:
  • The Phoenix
  • Griffins and Unicorns
  • About Ants, Amphisbenas, and Basilisks
  • Dragons
  • The Story of Beowulf, Grendel, and Grendel's Mother
  • The Story of Beowulf and the Fire Drake
  • A Fox Tale
  • An Egyptian Snake Charmer
  • An Adventure of Gérard, the Lion Hunter
  • Pumas and Jaguars in South America
  • Mathurin and Mathurine
  • Joseph: Whose proper name was Josephine
  • The Homes of the Vizcachas
  • Guanacos: Living and Dying
  • In the American Desert
  • The Story of Jacko II.
  • 'Princess'
  • The Lion and the Saint
  • The Further Adventures of 'Tom,' a Bear, in Paris
  • Recollections of a Lion Tamer
  • Sheep Farming on the Border
  • When the World was Young
  • Bats and Vampires
  • The Ugliest Beast in the World
  • The Games of Orang-Outangs, and Kees the Baboon
  • Greyhounds and their Masters
  • The Great Father, and Snakes' Ways
  • Elephant Shooting
  • Hyenas and Children
  • A Fight with a Hippopotamus
  • Kanny, the Kangaroo
  • Collies, or Sheep Dogs
  • Two Big Dogs and a Little One
  • Crocodile Stories
  • Lion-Hunting and Lions
  • On the Trail of a Man-eater
  • Greyhounds and their Arab Masters
  • The Life and Death of Pincher
  • A Boar Hunt by Moonlight
  • Thieving Dogs and Horses
  • To the Memory of Squouncer
  • How Tom the Bear was born a Frenchman
  • Charley
  • Fairy Rings; and the Fairies who make them
  • How the Reindeer Live
  • The Cow and the Crocodile