Book of Romance Cover

The Book of Romance

Edited by Andrew Lang
Illustrated by Henry Ford

Andrew Lang's famous colored Fairy Books were in fact only part, rather less than half, of a larger series of storybooks for children. Among the lesser-known books of the series are two collections of romances of chivalry. Here are gallant knights, travelling the world in search of adventure, fighting wicked men, slaying monsters, and rescuing damsels in distress.

Among the stories in this volume are:
The adventures of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, and their Quest for the Holy Grail;
Roland and the Paladins of France, facing down the entire army of Spain;
Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, robbing the rich to feed the poor;
William Short-Nose, the defender of Provence, and his friend Rainouart the giant;
Grettir the Strong, a Viking who fought men and monsters with equal courage;
and many more brave knights and fair ladies, all breathing the spirit of chivalry.

306 pages. 8.5" by 5.5"
52 illustrations

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Full contents:
  • The Drawing of the Sword
  • The Questing Beast
  • The Sword Excalibur
  • The Story of Sir Balin
  • How the Round Table began
  • The Passing of Merlin
  • How Morgan Le Fay tried to kill King Arthur
  • What Beaumains asked of the King
  • The Quest of the Holy Graal
  • The Fight for the Queen
  • The Fair Maid of Astolat
  • Lancelot and Guenevere
  • The End of it All
  • The Battle of Roncevalles
  • The Pursuit of Diarmid
  • Some Adventures of William Short Nose
  • Wayland the Smith
  • The Story of Robin Hood
  • The Story of Grettir the Strong